Sunday, 8 May 2011


I promised Il Professore that I would blog on my trip to CHI, and as yet have not found time to sit down and think about what I have been doing. It is always easiest just to do trip logging in chronological order, little and often, but I have been loathe to lug my macbook around with me as it is just that bit too heavy when you have a poorly shoulder. So, I have almost a week to catch up with. I did make notes in my little red book so I wouldn't forget the highlights, but there is more and more happening that I want to share and I am way way behind. I did think that maybe I would try and separate out the sociable parts of the trip from the work related parts of the trip.
And now I am getting distracted by talk of hoarded computer equipment by Bill Buxton at CHI, Must stop and listen.