Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Where did I put that idea?

So little activity on here, too much going on elsewhere!
This year I've been doing bits and pieces of writing elsewhere, some of it paid, some just for me me me, and have been sorely neglecting this. Partly because I need to consolidate the multitude of blogs and sites that I have got going, and work out which subjects/projects to prioritise - there's stuff going on that I don't want to publish yet, and I need to decide where to put my energies.
Having said that, I just took over the local gransnet site so am now the editor for Bristol and its environs. This will hopefully involve coffee sessions and occasional cakes, as well as drumming up more activity on the site - the listings are woefully empty at the moment and the forums seem a little dormant, so I am going to focus my energies there for a while.
Of course, if I stumble across anything about mature people and technologies that only fits here then I will share it here. Which reminds me, I saw a news item on local tv about Praminda Caleb-Solly's project to develop robots to help people with dementia, and support their carers. There's a bit more about the Bristol Robotic Lab's Assisted Living ideas here

I will be back