Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Running with mobiles

A while ago now I rashly agreed to take part in a relay Marathon with some friends so, at the beginning of May we ran away for a few days to do that, in Geneva of all places! Our weekend also involved a trip the day before the marathon to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN  - we weren't running around in it -  where a very nice Dr Dave took five of us mature ladies round in very orange hard hats so we could ooh and aah at the size of everything and try and understand what he was saying about banging things together to make particles. Or possibly not particles, I can’t quite remember. Two of our party are physics graduates so they understood it all, and one used to work with him there so had a complete head start. At the time, Dr Dave made sense, and I liked his story that the best explanation of their experiment is that they are banging two helicopters together to make a dinosaur. To be honest, I can't really remember what that meant - I think it was that they are bashing new things together to find traces of old things. I did feel a bit like I'd been bashed about a bit after two nights in a shared room in a Youth Hostel and almost a 5k run in a slightly damp Geneva.
 So it was a weekend of Physics and Physical Exercise - my school teachers would never have believed it, and I can hardly.
It took about a week for my thighs to feel normal again – though the strange twinging could also have had something to do with walking around a wet city in damp jeans on the day we arrived, it was probably because I ran faster than normal, not wanting to let the team down. I think we came 353 out of 356 relay teams, and what was lovely was that the others waited for me 400 metres before the finish line so we could run over it together. 

It was great fun, and we even appear for a split second in the official video of the 2015 Geneva marathon! I also like to believe that my running app is correct when it says I ran further than my official race/leg time.

There is now talk of signing up for another relay between Nice and Cannes!