I am a granny. I use technologies and usually know which buttons to push on the remote control.

I am also a writer, a researcher, an artist. I make games ( pretty digital ) and encourage others to make games ( Grrrl Games ) I work part time at the Southville Centre in South Bristol, UK.
As an associate researcher at UWE’s Digital Cultures Research Centre, I co-produced the Pervasive Media Cookbook and the (only click if you want pdf) Keeping In Touch handbook on social media.

My interest in using innovative technologies and who gets access to them, spans more than two decades of creative practice. I worked on Mobile Bristol Project, was a founding member of Pervasive Media Studio. My personal interest in ethical issues includes exploring what might be embedded or hidden in pervasive technologies, whether deliberately or by accident.

I also worked on the AHRC-funded project Effectiveness in Social Action, wondering why people care enough to take action to make the world a better place.