Thursday, 19 November 2009

its all gone a bit wrong

techno meltdown here in my neck of the woods, with laptops that wanted to shock me, not with content but with electricity, and phones that were burning my ear. Sigh. So on the one hand I am watching videos on TED which demonstrate how phones of the future will be projections onto fingertips, while in Real Life I am trying to transfer contacts from sony to samsung. Am cursing sony rather a lot this week as they have their own size of storage cards that don't fit into the laptop that I am borrowing. So, for example, earlier this week we had a visiting nicaraguan who came with a mobile charger that I had no adapter for ( we needed nicaraguan to uk, I only had the other way round) and a sony camera that he could charge but had no connector cable. If my sony laptop hadn't been sent off for assessment for repair (it failed, and that's a whole other whinge) then we would have been able to transfer all his photos and burn a cd. But as I had a bog standard HP laptop none of the cards from any of his kit fitted any of mine. And now I am having the same problem trying to get my contacts off the sony phone and into the new samsung.
On a plus side I Am Liking the new screen and text size of the samsung i8910 - won't need my glasses to read messages when I have worked out what I am doing. And I am looking forward to using the high def video to record small family members for their new youtube channel

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