Friday, 22 October 2010

more from branchage

It's a bit late but all this running around took a while to get over. Just thought I would share some more about working and socialising at Branchage

I was there to deliver a piece of pervasive media by Duncan Speakman, Always Something Somewhere Else, originally commissioned by HP labs as an mscape piece that could be applied anywhere in the world, as long as there is a tree to start from.....
The work was well received, on a sunny Sunday morning outside the Spiegeltent by St Helier harbour, even though a lot of us had been up partying the night before at the Bordée de Branchage with the lovely french gypsy orchestra (brought back memories of Negresses Vertes).
As always with mscape sessions, people want to talk afterwards about how they could see the potential for pervasive media as a way of delivering all sorts of things - I had interesting conversations with documentary makers, architects, town planners,from Jersey and elsewhere, about locating content in different contexts, and developing projects with various levels of participation. I pointed interested and enthusiastic people at the DCRC site and some of the work that past and present MA students have done with mscape, not least Jackie Calderwood and Dan Frodsham, and then I was off again sharing a taxi to the airport with two of the documentary filmmakers who had been showing work at the festival, Liz Mermin and Chloe Ruthven. Next year I want to hang around long enough to see some of the films!

Next stop Montreal

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