Monday, 17 October 2011

now, where was I?

I haven't been away, just sidetracked by life. Things have been happening - work, conferences, family. I have made dates in my diary to try and catch up on writing here. First I need to backtrack and check what I have and haven't shared about what was happening back in May - I hate not working in chronological order. So that's at least five months of posts if I can remember what was interesting. It may be bullet points. Just need to mark the spot and remind myself to come back regularly. Currently getting back into swing after three weeks of feeling decrepit. That may just have been post-funding-application exhaustion or possibly a virus. One of those can't-be-bothered-to-get-up-off-the-floor-and-lie-on-the- bed viruses. The application was about trying to get funding to work with Grandparent Carers and their families on a storytelling project. More of that in November as that is when I will hear if I have the funding. If not, then I will no doubt rant about it here before I have to develop plan B for paying for my flat white soy decafs in 2012

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