Thursday, 13 August 2009

where to start?

It seems an age since I looked at this blog. Nothing to do with having lots of work to do, far from it, but more likely because I have been fannying around on facebook and dealing with Family Life. I did hear the vague babbling of some bishop about how facebook ruins social life etc etc but managed to avoid reading too closely - I tend not to agree with catholic bishops.
And then I found this sensible comment in the guardian by Roz Kaveney which I enjoyed.
About a day after the ramblings of the bishop were made public, #2 child turned up online and even let me be his friend. He was disappointed that I wouldn't write the comments on his wall that he wanted me to write, I had to point out that you aren't meant to have that level of control over others.
I wondered whether the need to be contrary to a bishop was the main reason he joined facebook, or whether he was feeling left out in all the family discussions that were going on between me, his sisters, his aunts, his cousins usw. We tend to have rambling late night and rather public support sessions, as well as call-outs for "Who is going to go granny sit this weekend?" So facebook is bringing our family closer, as we get to know each other in more depth through seeing what each other are up to and one-to-one messaging, and it all makes for better conversations when we meet up. I think the bishop might even approve - scary thought!

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