Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Ada Lovelace Day

Late late late as ever, but I did want to make a note of this day, celebrating Ada Lovelace by blogging about women and technology, so this fits, sort of :) I have been running around a lot in the past few weeks, using my mobile to keep in touch with children and siblings and hospital, answering work calls while visiting mum in hospital, trying to keep it all going and find time to go and eat cake with friends who can only leave the office if they bring their blackberry....
I was wondering today which is most useful, the mobile phone or the washing machine? If I had to choose between the two I would probably find it quite hard, because I can remember the sheer drudgery of washing everyone's clothes by hand, not to mention the nappies....then that got me thinking about the MSc in IT that I did back in 1993, and the tutor who used washing machines as an example of technology that we women might understand. Funnily enough, these days my partner seems to have taken control of the laundry, and its not even a dyson.
So, back to the point - happy Ada Lovelace Day everyone :)
I am meant to write about a woman in technology that I admire, and I don't know where to start. I have met too many interesting women who work as designers and developers to be able to point to just one. I shall have to make a list of all the women in technology I have come across over the last 15 years (!) So for today, I would like to nominate my 9 year old daughter, who always makes sure that she gets her fair share of time using the computer, the ps2, the nintendo DS and so on, and more importantly also knows that she can use technology to be a creative producer, not just a consumer.

And on a bizarre note I just had to mention that I read a Mills & Boon historical romance this week where the heroine was a mathematician and it mentioned Ada too. Brains and Bodices. Brilliant!

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