Sunday, 15 March 2009

showing off again

Just had a quick phone conversation with my big brother about meeting up at the hospital tomorrow to see mum. I sent him a text so I could talk through how to open and read them on his phone, in the course of which he discovered he had 22 text messages in his inbox that he didn't know were there. I haven't ever had a siemens phone so I don't know how easy they are to use. I used to stick to Nokia, these days I have Sony phones, only since someone was showing off their walkman phone so when I was offered one with my contract I took it. I gave my nokia to him indoors, as it seems the simplest interface for him to get to grips with. I got him the phone after one particularly irritating family day out when we lost each other in a kids theme park, and I had the small grumpy child and the picnic and he had the laid back child and all the cash. So we were wandering around separately for nearly three hours, by the end of which I wanted to kill him for not going to the agreed meeting point earlier. As punishment I made him go on the pirate swing boat with the kids. And that Xmas I got him a mobile phone of his very own. He only saw the benefit of having his own mobile when he realised he could be up a mountain in France and still get the football results.

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