Tuesday, 17 March 2009

in tune with radio 4

Driving down to the island on monday I stumbled across a radio 4 snippet on Age Concern projects where they drive round a bus stuffed with computers to show older people how to use new technology. Sort of like a playbus for silver surfers. While trying to find this piece online to share with anyone who bothers to read this I found a wonderful article by Katharine Whitehorn, which made me wonder whether I need to define grannies, but then I decided that sod it, the sort of about-thirty-BYT who I had in mind when I started whining aren't able to tell the difference between women over 40 and women over 60 or 80 anyway. They just used granny as a term to dismiss older women who weren't as wonderfully technical as themselves. So I shall carry on using Granny to encompass all ages of women who may be otherwise dismissed by BYTs.
Cos I can :)

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